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Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
A while back we published the law enforcement code of ethics for some of our friends as they needed an easier way to memorize it.  So we broke it up into 4 sections to make it easy to put on your mp3 player or phone and listen to over and over again. It's a great way to memorize while out for a run or at the gym. So you can download the whole thing or each part to practice






RX is one of our favorite programs for cleaning up field recording in post. It's very good at noise reduction. This is a before and after of HVAC noise.

Before HVAC noise in mix

After with noise reduction applied using RX3

The Outfield Your Love Phase Remix. This was one of our first phase remixes using a turntable and reel to reel tape recorder. You can hear the noise floor at the beginning of the recording
Rhythm Corps Solidarity Phase Remix. This is alternative rock band from Detroit, Michigan that had a fairly big hit with "Common Ground" but this one the song that defined them. This is another mix made with a turntable and reel to reel

A Story That you Know. A very rare recording by Cabin Fever. Amazing this band never hit it big
Herman's Dance Mix. A remix made using an old Panasonic boom box with the piano keys style tape deck like a sampler

Bouncing Metallic Made with the MPC Live