One of the best / worst ideas that works because Hanks is all in on David S. Pumpkins.

Nice work Rams. A little fun after that Superbowl win. Well done and fun. Love the Celine Dion bit. actually laughed.

Marc Cohn is awesome in this. "What do you mean I'm already in in?" Big Wet can certainly pull off more mainstream stuff too. This is one of the better pardody songs. Pete Davidson brings the funny with the nostalgia.

These guys really took their time to document what happened and why they decided to blow up the car.
Draymond will have a fruitful broadcasting career. This should be a regular feature where he sits down with athletes and people from all walks of life. He's engaging and authentic. Draymond.
Jen is one of the best UX and content developers in the world.

Yes, more of this please. This is great green screen practice for young VFX artists.
We've been getting bombarded by requests to design a mug for our fans. Well here you go! Donut not included, sorry.


of course they rolled out a new one in time for the Superbowl with AAron.

Yoda's jam
Ryan could be really good in a Pulp Fiction version of this.

Everybody's get'n Sump'n

Better live, very few artists can pull that off. Happy 25 with this hit Mariah.

25 years strong. We like the retro black and white version of this video. Mariah is amazing but how about those background singers.
We see you April 2020, we see you
They could actually make this.

Early October is a perfect time to see the color in New Hampshire. If you ever make the trip be sure to check the color / foliage tracker.

John saved Twist and Shout for the end of the day.  The Beatles banged out this entire album in 1 day.  A good reminder to just lay things down and not obsess. If the songs are solid it'll work.

This is just awesome. Makes you want to live in the midwest. Imagine the kids using that bank for sledding in the winter.