Shy Ronnie and Rihanna Hold up a Bank

Rihanna has some comedy chops. It would be a little hard to concentrate with Rihanna as your Clyde.

At The Movies with David Lynch and Martin Scorsese

DJ Chris does an analysis of True Grit as David Lynch and Martin Scorsese. I think this is destined to be a regular segment here at funkyfresh.

What Conan Was Really Thinking During his 60 Minutes Interview


What Conan was really thinking during his 60 Minutes Interview.

Get Bearded Like Brian Wilson Poster

Pick up a copy of this sure to be classic poster here.

Charlie Sheen Soundboard

Didn't take long for this. Okay, the remix battle is on.

Jonni Music Walking In Slow Motion Music Video

This Jonni Music videe, "Walking in Slow Motion" is clearly inspired by The Flight of The Conchords. No story, no problem. Just slow everything down and let the cliches to the work. Funny stuff. Enjoy!

Where Baseballs Come From


My Blackerry Is Not Working Monty Python Style

It's not a cheese shop but still pretty good.

Bowen Beer Bottle Band Christmas Music

For the holidays...Enjoy!

Angry Birds and Pigs Peace Treaty

If you play Angry Birds you'll appreciate this.  If not, not so much.

Happy Safe Black Friday

A Turkey Pardon is Not To Be Taken Lightly

These are serious times and President Obama does not take his Turkey pardons lightly. Have a grreat Holiday. Go Lions! Well at least try to score a couple of times.

SF Giants Don't Stop Believing Anthem

Well done sir!

Katy Perry And Elmo on Sesame Street

Feist counting with the Muppets is still our favorite musical guest on the show but this is still fun.

Bin Hunters (Trash or Treasure) A Reality Show for Tough Economic Times


You never know what you might find in these storage bins. These two are living the dream of striking it rich at public storage unit auctions.

Phil Freaks Out

I have never seen anything like this. Phil Davison, candidate for Treasurer of Stark County, Ohio, freaks out in a campaign speech. He mentions at the beginning of his speech that he has a masters degree in communication. The funny thing is he's not even that good at yelling. This is like Will Ferell playing some crazed character on SNL. Are we sure this guy isn't some type of evil genius to get everyone to watch this lunatic clip. If so, well played.

Bad Romance Played on Korg Monotron and Kaossilator

Lady Gaga should have these two open a show. Brilliant viral stuff for Korg.

Demetri Martin Stand Up Presentation


Demetri at his best. Really good stuff.

Neil Young Double Rainbow Cover

Yes, he's a genius and yes this cover could make you cry. Jimmy Fallon is pretty good too.  :)

Double Rainbow Song Autotune Remix