And you thought the president of BP was at the top of his game.  This is a Master Class in how NOT to deal with the press.

The director of communications at Laguna Honda hospital is clearly in the wrong line of work. It's impressive the reporter didn't just push him aside. He clearly was being baited by this dude. Bizarre behavior to say the least. Watch it now at KGO.

Toyota doesn't have much to laugh about these days with all the recall problems and now the potential deaths associated with unintended acceleration hovering at 89 uncomfirmed. However, the Sienna campaign has been solid and the Swagger Wagon is good viral fun.

They see me rollin'...gon' catch me riding turtles!

Gets you ready for the World Cup in all its 3D glory. Even baseball, football and basketball lovers from the Midwest has to appreciate this. So, just how much of a rock star is Ranaldo anyway? How may athletes get their own statues while they're still alive?
Google celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pacman in style. If you haven’t done any Google searches today pay a visit to enjoy a few games.

It’s remarkable how authentic the game play is. Nice work Googleplex. What’s next? Space Invaders? Asteroids? Space Ace? That one's for the hard core gaming nerds. Laserdisc programming anyone.

Google says it will dedicate a permanent page to the game.  You can play now here.

You want free? This isn't that far off from what the future may possibly hold. Scarry funny.
Imagine if Major League Baseball allowed this during rain delays. Not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.  At any rate these kids are pretty entertaining. 
This is really good.  The Australian comedy group 'Axis of Awesome' plays a bunch of hits from the past few decades using the same four chords. A fun live musical mashup.


The kid has a sense of humor.  Usher is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.  We hope he surives his teen idol years.  Seems like a good kid.


Well done.  Best part of this parody..."Is this a Movie or a CD?"  Just perfect.


VEVO launches tonight.  Meanwhile enjoy the Gummi bears.  I don't know where this headed but so far I like it.


We all know someone on Twitter overload.  How long before Twitter gets Myspaced?