Mother's Red Hat with Alicia Silverstone


Well done.  Best part of this parody..."Is this a Movie or a CD?"  Just perfect.

Book of the Year 2010

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus


Playing Piano on Six iPhones

Snuggy or Thuggy for Christmas

Stanky Legs Baby Dance

Gummi Bear Dance Off

VEVO launches tonight.  Meanwhile enjoy the Gummi bears.  I don't know where this headed but so far I like it.

Twitter Chick

We all know someone on Twitter overload.  How long before Twitter gets Myspaced?

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Pure genius.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Before the GaGa, Stefani Rocks the Acoustic Piano

In case you had any doubts she really can sing her ass off.

Charlie Bit Me With and Without Autotune

The best part about this movie is the little boy decides it's a good idea to stick his finger into his little brother's mouth after he's already bitten him once.  The little guy is just having fun.

Yes, the Autotune madness continues.


Bitch Slap: The Movie

We thought they were kidding at first but it looks like this will hit theaters in January.   This is the reason you need our previously reviewed product for kids on the web.  Such timing we have.

It's being descripted as a "post-modern, thinking mans throwback to the B Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950s - 70s as well as a loving, sly parody of the same. Inspired by the likes of Dragstrip Girl;, Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill; Kung Fu Nun and the pantheon of Blaxploitation films, BITCH SLAP will mix girls, guns, outrageous action and jaw-dropping visuals with a message dont be naughty!"

Ford Brings Back the 1993 Taurus

Wow, has Ford made progress.  The Fusion is exponentially better than this wreck.

Wedding Entrance That Inspired The Office

This is still the best.  There is something sweet, earnest and pure about this particular wedding entrance that many have tried to copy but few have succeeded in replicating.  The Office did a pretty fine job of honoring this masterpiece right down to the way it was shot.

Rio 2016

Nicely done.  With or without the Olympics Rio has an energy all its own.

Jazzie Africa

This is one of our all time favorites. This group makes the sound of rain with their fingertips and a downpour with their thighs followed by thunder from jumping up and down on the risers. A creative, sonic treat not to be missed.




Blockbuster Historical Site

Bored To Death on HBO


Looking forward to this. Well casted and looks fun.

Check out The full trailer at HBO.

Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Profile



Auto-Tune Health Care Debate

Sure, the use of Auto-Tune is out of control in music these days.  Thanks T-Pain.  But this is pretty clever.