Finally, Friday has made its way and now it is time to celebrate with Danish band Efterklang. You may recognize the instrumentals from the 2011 Jetta commercials airing right now.  Go ahead and listen to the song. Don't be ashamed if you play it again...and again...and again.

'No Church in the Wild' was filmed live in a church in Nancy during Electric Empire's recent tour of France. To find out more about the band check out this short behind the scenes video from their latest EP CHANGIN'.

This is nice track that has been reworked for the Ivan and Alyosho's new album release and we expect to hear much more from them in 2013.

A perfect mix for the 4th of July of tracks all releaed in 1976, a great year for America and music.  Enjoy! 
A classic we recently rediscovered on an old UDXL-2. If you can find it used buy it.

We've been getting requests for more phase remixes here at funkyfresh. Nothing like blasting a physchedelic phased out version of your favorite track in the car. We recently stumbled upon a mix we did a while back for Brent Horger, one of the original members of Cabin Fever.

Brent recorded all the tracks in his remote cabin in Yosemite. He was performing this song regularly at local bars in the area and enjoyed peforming new and different arrangments of the song. This version is unlke any Cabin Fever has ever performed. It's got an instant hook that just sucks you in and lends itself to the funkyfresh phase treatment. Enjoy!

We like the new Adele album. It's got a funkier, harder sound and she gets to showcase her soulfulness even more than her previous release. You can certainly hear the influence of producer Rick Rubin capturing the strife in Adele's personal life at the time.  Give it a spin. You'll be singing the chorus the rest of the day.

Hello Friday, you are looking delicious!  What pairs well with a Friday? GREAT new music!  Don't let the slow intro of this song fool you, it kicks in and becomes a greater version of itself - and that's exactly where it hooks you! Alcoholic Faith Mission, a sextet from Denmark are making their rounds now at Canadian Music Week and then on to SXSW in Austin, TX next week, where they will no doubt having the tipsy industry people bumping their heads and smiling.  Enjoy!

Visit Alcoholic Faifh Mission and support the band.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer ad helped launch Alex and we gotta say the entire album is worth a listen.

Happy Friday! Meet Alexander, front man for the indie band Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Here's a track off of his latest solo album, which has a very large stack of approval from Fresh Catch. This song is no exception, with it's great instrumentals and perfectly earnest lyrics. Push play, thank us later. Enjoy!

The Official music video for the song Tornado by Ali Ingle, from the debut EP 'The Man and The Monster.' A nice little Liverpool love story.
don't want it to end
Very 80s vibe to this one, like it could have been in the movie Better Off Dead.
This Australian band is starting to get more radio play and we anticipate serous crossover from alternative to mainstream with tracks like Trojans
back again..
if the Housemartins and Mazzy Star had a baby

Rock N' Roll is free if you want it. Amen.

This has a such great vibe and this just shows you how versatile she is.

A rising star with talent and humor. We should be hearing a lot more from her. "Bubble in My Eyes" at 1:26 got us hooked on this track.

There is a pure joy to her music.
Best Coast will be blaring in a few vehicles this summer.