We’re finally getting some decent rain in California. However, this cycle of storms has been relatively mild compared to previous rainy seasons. In 2002 a particularly strong system brought high winds, a powerful downpour and something rarely heard in Silicon Valley, thunder.

We happened to be recording when the worst of the storm hit. The sound of the wind blowing, chimes struggling to hang onto trees, dogs and sirens in the distant…etc., was too captivating to resist. We carefully positioned two high quality, large diaphragm condenser microphones to capture this sonic goodness in all its glory. What's really crazy is at times the storm is strong you can hear the doors to sheds in the distance slamming shut and it starts to sound like a boat in a storm.  The recording has both quiet and loud passages and runs the full gamut of what you'll experience in a powerful northern California rain storm.

The result is something special. Our recording of this northern California rain storm has all the elements you would expect from a storm of this magnitude. It’s 74 + minutes that really capture the full gamut of sounds experienced during a monster storm in the heart of the rainy season. The sound of the wind and rain when played on a good quality system eerily has the effect of  cooling down a room due to the pristine recording.  It's really cool.

This is a great CD to put on when you want to recreate the energy of a large rainstorm as the perfect background for reading and tea or to simply fall asleep. We know you’ll love it.

You can download the entire 74 minute high quality MP3 of the storm in our download section.   Enjoy!

Visit The Farmers’ Almanac for more information about rain storms.

My fascination with phase started when I heard Itchycoo Park by the Small Faces for the first time. I played it over and over until the 45 could take no more. About a minute into the song during the bridge the lyrics invite the wooshing effect created by two identical sources just milliseconds apart.

"I feel inclined to blow my mind,Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun...They all come out to groove about, Be nice and have fun in the sun" at the end of the song the phase continues. I defy you to find a more groovy 60s track. Of course Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles is the greatest psychedelic track of all time with an opening verse more seductive than any drug, "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream." But Itchycoo park would have been the theme song to Ferris Bueler's Day Off if that movie had been made about twenty years earlier