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Nice production on this track and nice sense of space to the music. We imagine he'll be playing many packed venues in the coming years.

Here's to your post pandemic roadtrip
Would love to see the Foo Fighter release a classic rock album. RIP Leslie West.
This recording captures a powerful northern California rainstorm. This professional recording was made in stereo with quality condenser microphones. When you listen to this storm you can feel the chill of the wind as it whips through the home. Outside the sound of wind chimes come and go and and the rain is making sounds on the rooftop, concrete and the adjacent windows. In the distance you will hear the occasional emergency vehicle siren and even distant thunder which is very rare in California. This is one long continuous recording, 74 minutes long. Great natural ASMR to help you sleep or study. Please enjoy!

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Grand Rapids is in the house. When you have enough microbrews and alternative music you've got a scene of sorts. Feels like a KROC track.
Released a while ago but never really go much play. Good track to bring you out of a Covid funk.
Very 80s vibe to this one, like it could have been in the movie Better Off Dead.
fun trip

nice mix, good vibe.

if the Housemartins and Mazzy Star had a baby
kind of like the chill Mazzy Star vibe of this


A nice little jam.


So easy and great playing on the axe.
don't want it to end
Look for the orange trees next time you're in Greece.
back again..

Rad Beats always bringing the mad audio visualizer