Fresh Cut Fridays is all about new stuff we like or old stuff we think never got enough attention.

Happy Friday! You ready for it? It's a weekend to celebrate something extra special: Mom! Here's an oldie but goodie from Paul Simon, capturing what every Friday afternoon should feel like - light, airy, upbeat and positive! You think Vampire Weekend was influenced by Paul maybe just a little bit? Enjoy! Keegan Dewitt, based in Nashville and labeled one of the '10 Best Solo Artists of 2010' by PasteMagazine. Fresh Cut Friday's own Alethia was lucky enough to catch him at a showcase last week in Nashville and her feet are still sore from all the dancing. Keegan is definitely on our radar. Have a listen and get your weekend started off right! Great song to kick off a road trip. Enjoy!

Hello Friday! Let's celebrate the end of another week and the beginning of a great weekend! World, meet Katie Herzig, an artist from Nashville who is sure to please.

Happy Friday! Let's get worldly and let's get FUNKY! Check out this sexy, beat'y delicious form of ear candy by Jai Paul, straight outta the UK. Don't know who Jai Paul is? Just pretend it's some freaky stuff from Prince and Enjoy!

From our hockey loving neighbors to the north. Greg Sczebel's got that feeling. Almost has a Maroon 5 meets Justin Timberlake vibe to it. Good early evening happy hour music.

Happy Friday! Here are three things we are certain of:
1. The weekend is here and it is ALL yours.
2. You have everything you need to have an incredible day.
3. This Cold Cave track is good for your health. Listen now and reap the benefits.


Yowza! You know the 'repeat' button? Yeah, and do you know the "back" button on your itunes, sansa player, ipod, etc? Yeah. Those two buttons are being pushed over and over again with this song as the cause. Repeat button, meet Phantogram. A smokin' hot duo from New York who are here to get you moving on this perfect Friday. Enjoy! Support the band here.

Charles Bradley is taking us into the weekend with a big, heaping, gooey serving of SOUL!  If you haven't introduced your ears to this man yet, here you go. Let us warn you: this is extremely habit forming.  That's why we like him.  Enjoy!

Hello Friday, you are looking delicious!  What pairs well with a Friday? GREAT new music!  Don't let the slow intro of this song fool you, it kicks in and becomes a greater version of itself - and that's exactly where it hooks you! Alcoholic Faith Mission, a sextet from Denmark are making their rounds now at Canadian Music Week and then on to SXSW in Austin, TX next week, where they will no doubt having the tipsy industry people bumping their heads and smiling.  Enjoy!

Visit Alcoholic Faifh Mission and support the band.

Rejoice, people, for today is Friday! Let's get it kicked off with a brand new song from Nashville's energetic Mikky Ekko. This singer/songwriter is known for his engaging and lifting stage presence. I think we'll say we know him for this epic song as we slide into another great weekend!

Oh, Canada! What joy you bring us in the form of music. Namely, Mother Mother; the lovable, attractive powerhouse of indie-pop. Here we have "O My Heart" off of their 2nd album released back in 2008, and still just as great as the day it came out. You can find Mother Mother on tour now & might I be so bold as to tell you it'd be worthwhile to take a trip to itunes to purchase a few of their songs. Your ears will thank me later. Enjoy!

Hey hey! Let's roll out the weekend with Cee Lo's "Fool For You" from his recently released album, The Lady Killer. Proving, yet again, that Cee Lo's talents cannot be confined to one style, he flexes his funk & shows off his retro-soul. Enjoy!

Happy Friday! Who wants a serving of delicious neo-soul? Coming at you is Daniel Merriweather's "Impossible" off his 2009 release, Love & War, which reached #2 in the UK Album Charts. Enjoy!

Finally, Friday has made its way and now it is time to celebrate with Danish band Efterklang. You may recognize the instrumentals from the 2011 Jetta commercials airing right now.  Go ahead and listen to the song. Don't be ashamed if you play it again...and again...and again.