Fresh Cut Fridays is all about new stuff we like or old stuff we think never got enough attention.

We can hear Prince's influence in this track {YOUTUBE}Ly7uj0JwgKg"{/YOUTUBE}
Lana can mesmerize.
New stuff. They always knew how to write a catchy track...going back to the late '90s
Best Coast will be blaring in a few vehicles this summer.
Iggy and Jennifer make a good team.


So prime for a Chrysler commercial on Superbowl Sunday...


Sorta of a new way to do a band flash mob.  Fun.

you're welcome. yeah we know it's Thursday, but we can't believe we just discovered this artist.
the bombs away with the blue hair is somehow the best part of this song

A good summer driving with the top down track.

For the holidays...
Seaside or fireside it works either way.
The choras is the hook that's hard to resist.
Another monster hit from Em, just released and about to blow up and cross over. The Eminem/Rihanna combo proves to be a potent formula once again.