Fresh Cut Fridays is all about new stuff we like or old stuff we think never got enough attention.


So prime for a Chrysler commercial on Superbowl Sunday...


Sorta of a new way to do a band flash mob.  Fun.

you're welcome. yeah we know it's Thursday, but we can't believe we just discovered this artist.
the bombs away with the blue hair is somehow the best part of this song

A good summer driving with the top down track.

For the holidays...
Seaside or fireside it works either way.
The choras is the hook that's hard to resist.
Another monster hit from Em, just released and about to blow up and cross over. The Eminem/Rihanna combo proves to be a potent formula once again.
One of the best voices in music today. Haunting and pop at the same time. Just in time for your pop Halloween mix.
They made a splash at SXSW this year and may be popping up on your ALT radar.
This is the breakout crossover hit of the summer. We don't know if Lorde will have staying power but this song will make a run on the charts.

An instant classic for the 2013 graduating class.  They will still put this song on 20 years from now.

This is nice track that has been reworked for the Ivan and Alyosho's new album release and we expect to hear much more from them in 2013.

This one has a little bit of that alternative 80s influence.  Nice that The Strokes are just doing their thing and not emulating some other trending style.

Did I make money? Was I proud? Did I play my songs too loud? Did I leave my life to chance or did I make you f*#&#ing dance?  We have a feeling that Robert will make some people dance with this one.

Lonely Island strikes again. Hard to top previous releases but a nice effort. "Two words about furniture, killing machines".