Great track, great performance, so we remixed it to bring it back to life and provide better synch from the live feed. Enjoy!

Haley can sing anything. Amazing how well simple,well written songs translate to any musical style.
Relaxed, easy, lazy Sunday jam

Well done Pete, well done. Great production value too.
It's been a tough year in so many ways. This tribute to Neil Pert and some of the DJs that helped break the band made us smile. So many great songs. Add this to your FU Covid playlist.

Earth, Wind & Fire was at the height of their musical powers during this recording. They're even better live. We found this reel to reel in our archives and fired up the Otari for you. If any music can help you through the ups and downs of a pandemic, the inspiring soul of Earth, Wind & Fire can. There is no better band in the universe. Enjoy this hour long mix of some of their greatest hits and spread some love. Featuring: Kalimba Tree Let Your Feelings Show In the Stone Fantasy Sing a Song Reasons Shining Star Look to the Sky Gratitude That's the Way of the World I've Had Enough Let's Groove

One of our favorite Seal songs. Like therapy during a long 2020.
Someone commented that this should be in a Taranantino film and we agree. A Tarantino take on a genie would be so fun. We're serious, like Pulp Fiction meets Alladin without all the Disney sap.
We feel like this song sums up how we feel about 2020. F-you and we'll get over you. This is also one of the best live recordings and performances. Sara is awesome as usual and the audio engineers dialed this sound in perfectly. And how good is that band? So great.


We like this sound with Miley. More of this please.  

Just cool how he casually strolls out in Champion sweatshirt and belts out this song while adjusting his in-ear monitors. Dude is so talented, Alicia is loving it and sort of giggles in awe of him. Would love to see more down to earth artists like this focused on just making music versus the brand and social.

If you have the holiday blues this will cure what ails you. Who knows, maybe one of those kids asking for a guitar this Christmas will...nah forget it. There will never be another Stevie.

Lizzo brought it live. From spinning real estate signs to Gammmys. Never give up!

waiting for the rainy season with this vibe spinning

downtempo, soul, surf indie

Mesmerizing, nice change in the hook.

The 24 Hours of happy was groundbreaking when released over 5 years ago. The dancer at 32:04 in particular had an amazing style and energy that was magical juxtaposed with the random background people on the street.

Postmodern Jukebox with another good cover track to kick off 2019. They always have such nice, clean live recordings.
Crazy to think that at one time Zedd had a hard time getting singers to collaborate with him. He makes incredibly crafted ear candy. This one's up for song of the year and we expect a Grammy coming his way. Seems like a humble, cool dude too and he's just getting started.