Just a vibe. This song could be 20mins long and we'd just keep listening.

This will wash over you. Yes it will.

Will this band get huge or fade out after a few tracks? Seems like their building some momentum

The 4th made us think of this anthem. We never get tired of Skylar's voice.

Like Gwen Stafai meets the Cocteau Twins and Flock of Seagulls. Mezmerizing, fun sonic candy. Looking forward to hearing more of their stuff

Kudos to the music supervision teams that worked on "Hunters" and "Barry" available on Prime Video and HBO respectivley. Both used this song in recent episodes. The final episode of season 1 on Hunters was especially haunting. Such a great gem from the 70s.

Postmodern Jukebox is one of the greatest things on the Internet. We love all of their covers and they bring exceptional production value to these live performances. Thank you for bringing your creativity and joy to the world.
She's Pulp Fiction ready. Will she change her name to Olivia White? Jack and Olivia will no doubt make more cool tracks.

This has a such great vibe and this just shows you how versatile she is.

A rising star with talent and humor. We should be hearing a lot more from her. "Bubble in My Eyes" at 1:26 got us hooked on this track.

There is a pure joy to her music.

Kelly sings with such joy, effortless and powerful. This is one of her best performances and this song has become a Christmas Classic. Her smile at  0:17 is everything. 

Discovered this one on the legendary XRT in Chicago. Just a great track for cruising the Lake Michigan shore.

Would be amazing to see Ladyva live in a small venue.  


We wanted to hear Brie Larson and Emily Haines sing this together so we did a little remix.
Badass 70s. A perfect track all the way around. Every musician is so dialed in. Will there be a second coming of the Wilson Sisters? We can only hope. Not to mention just music videos where the musicians just play and rock out. That 1/2 a paradiddle kick drum just drives the whole thing and the drummer is so dialed in.

Just needed a shot of the 80s. Patty was everything. What was with the ridiculous freeze frames in this video? How was that ever a thing? It's like the editor was trying to capture the goofiest faces possible. We'll sing this chorus once we kick Covid's ass.

Great track, great performance, so we remixed it to bring it back to life and provide better synch from the live feed. Enjoy!

Haley can sing anything. Amazing how well simple,well written songs translate to any musical style.