Jets Overhead is getting ready to release a new album in 2009 and in case you missed "Bridges" do yourself a favor and download it right now.  You can grab the entire release and decide if it's worth paying the band for the tracks or not.  It's all good either way.

In fact, Jets Overhead completely embraces all forms of digital distribution of their music. The band's label, Microgroove Records, says the following...

-- "New systems for distributing music should be driven by the public rather than by existing paradigms which no longer apply to the digital world. We believe that we all deserve freedom of choice in determining how to acquire music legally (including licensed P2P, digital music stores, traditional CD retail, etc), and we believe the core values of portability and ease of acquisition are central to the future. We believe that the importance of music in our daily lives is stronger than ever thanks to file-sharing and the digital revolution, but that the record business needs to adapt as soon as possible to a changed world."--

The label suggest paying $.60 per track or $5 for the whole LP. We think you'll be compelled to "donate" the five bucks. What better way to encourage  bands like Jets Overhead to continue making great music while connecting with fans worldwide and profiting from their art. 

Visit the Jets Overhead website to learn more and download tracks.