The slotRadio Motown card is the latest addition to SanDisk’s lineup of slotRadio cards. The pre-loaded cards are for people that are too busy to be bothered with downloading or for folks that simply want to jumpstart their music collection without having to rip their CDs or download everything.

Funkyfresh has been working with SanDisk on the slotRadio project so we’re able to offer an insider’s look at the cards themselves. Yes, we’re biased, but you know we always keep it real here at funkyfresh. These cards offer incredible convenience and value to anyone, tech savvy or not.

If you love Motown and you own a Sansa slotRadio, Fuze or Clip+ player you owe it to yourself to check out this card. It truly is a definitive collection of Motown music. And having worked on the slotRadio Motown card we can tell you it contains a nice bonus collection of music in addition to the 500 tracks advertised for only $29. That’s an incredible deal

We have a lot of Motown vinyl here at funkyfresh. Now instead of digitizing all of it and making playlists it’s already done. So we did have a selfish motivation for working on this project. This is a timeless collection of classics that truly contains every Motown hit from all of the great Motown artists.

Visit SanDisk for more information and to hear samples from the Motown card and the entire slotRadio lineup.