Buy this record. ArchAndroid is a complete work with ear candy and myriad style amalgamations that will keep you on your toes. You certainly have to listen to appreciate the diverse styles on this record. It’s interesting and accessible and the sonic journey pays dividends.

‘Tightrope’, featuring Big Boi, is sure to be a break out track with lots of radio airplay. ‘Mushrooms & Roses’ is what happens if the Beatles and Prince were to back a funkyfresh soul like Janelle. She's the R&B/Soul/Pop equivalent of XTC.

This album will garner some mainstream attention with some of the infectious grooves on this album but don't let that fool you. Janelle is complex and interesting in a way her SXSW shows have only shown us a glimpse.

Do you think the album art was inspired by Earth, Wind and Fire's 'Raise'?