At South By Southwest in Texas a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a few bands and artists I'm looking forward to hearing more from. The Whip out of Manchester UK was really good live. In fact, the bands current studio recordings almost do them a disservice as they simply don't capture the live feel of this band.

Another artist I would have liked to have seen live but missed is Duffy. She's newcomer from Wales that is currently busting up the UP charts with the mowtown injected hit, Mercy.

Released this month in the US Duffy's CD, Rockferry, sounds like something that could have been produced in Detroit in the 60s. 1 part Dusty Springfield, 1 part The Ronnettes and 1 part Amy Winehouse, pre rehab.

The CD has a few good tracks that showcase Duffy's vocals but at times feels contrived and almost too derivative of mowtown riffs such as "My Girl" and others.

At any rate, Duffy has a little spark that will put her on the musical map in 2008.