waiting for the rainy season with this vibe spinning

downtempo, soul, surf indie

Mesmerizing, nice change in the hook.

The 24 Hours of happy was groundbreaking when released over 5 years ago. The dancer at 32:04 in particular had an amazing style and energy that was magical juxtaposed with the random background people on the street.

Postmodern Jukebox with another good cover track to kick off 2019. They always have such nice, clean live recordings.
Crazy to think that at one time Zedd had a hard time getting singers to collaborate with him. He makes incredibly crafted ear candy. This one's up for song of the year and we expect a Grammy coming his way. Seems like a humble, cool dude too and he's just getting started.
All you need for the new year
she's soon to become a household name
please more of this.
A timeless track. You're welcome.
We like it better live.
Love both the slow and remix versions of this track. Hipnotic.
There's a video going around of Pearl Jam covering "Let It Go". So in an attemp to completely erase any notion of that ever happening we needed to watch this. Awesome live stuff. We miss you 90's grunge.
Angelic Skylar. Thank you.
A classic we recently rediscovered on an old UDXL-2. If you can find it used buy it.
A track worth keeping on your MP3 player forever. Nice when this one pops up on random and you haven't heard it in a few years. Great stuff from the early '90s
The National is always worth a listen. We also like the recording of this track, expecially the drums. Nicely done.

Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this full length concert by Blackberry Smoke.  These guys sound great live and this is a really well mixed show.