TobyRedd Renion 2003 DVD
The complete show with Chad Smith on drums

Toby Redd In The Light $10.00

This is the breakout album that sounded just as good live as in the studio. 1. Toby Redd Every Time I Run 2. Looking For You 3. Never Make Her Cry 4. Love Without Hate 5. Fire Fades Away 6. Tonight 7. Hiding Inside 8. Toby Redd Little Boy Lost 9. Toby Redd Lona Vigi

Toby Redd Unreleased $10.00

12 new tracks of previously unreleased material. This CD is every bit as good as In The Light. 1. Time Wave 2. It's Not Easy For Me 3. Physical Thing 4. Shake 5. Coming Home 6. Don't Stop The Rain 7. I've Given All I Can 8. Strangers in The Night 9. The Beat Will Never End 10. From Me To You 11. One Miracle No Guarantee 12. You Let Me Down Again

Toby Redd Live At The Ritz $10.00

A great live show of the band recorded on Chad Smith's birthday. A typical rockin' show at the Ritz. 1. Every Time I Run 2. Live at the Ritz - Boys Will Be Boys. 3. Love Without Hate 5. Never Make Her Cry 6. No One Can Tell Me 7. Tonight 8. Shake 9. Hiding Inside 10. Lona Vigi 11. Drum Solo 12. Don't Care No More 13. Get a Job 14. More Time 15. Pick You Up

Toby Redd Live at Harpos 10.00

The band's first live radio show. 1. City 2. Bad News Girl 3. She Won't Get Far 4. Make Me a Star 5. My Life 6. Bad Reaction 7. My Generation 8. Close 9. Band Interview

Toby Redd Live at Sidestreet 10.00

Early stuff and lots of cover tunes. 1. More Time 2. Perfect Girl 3. My Life 4. Double Timed 5. Bad News Girl 6. Harry's Allright 7. Get a Job 8. Chicago Box Car 9. Sedated 10. One More Time 11. No Fun 12. Five Feet One 13. I'm The Man

Toby Redd A To Z 10.00

Great early stuff. 1. Can't Get a Job 2. Double Timed 3. More Time 4. Make It Up To You 5. Harry's Alright 6. It Ain't Me Babe 7. She Won't Get Far 8. City 9. Why Can't I 10. Melea