We like it better live.
she's soon to become a household name
Take a little bit of Sara Bareilles, mix in a touch of Shakira and add a dash of Colbie Cailat and you’ve got Kate Voegele. “Don’t Look Away” is a good recording that packs plenty of pop and is instantly accessible and familiar yet fresh because of Kate’s strong vocals. This may be overstating it, but if she keeps this up we could seen her garnering a song of the year, or best new artist at the Grammys.

Take a listen to Kate Voegele and learn more.

Hello Friday! Let's celebrate the end of another week and the beginning of a great weekend! World, meet Katie Herzig, an artist from Nashville who is sure to please.

World...meet Keegan Dewitt, based in Nashville and labeled one of the '10 Best Solo Artists of 2010' by PasteMagazine. Fresh Cut Friday's own Alethia was lucky enough to catch him at a showcase last week in Nashville and her feet are still sore from all the dancing. Keegan is definitely on our radar. Have a listen and get your weekend started off right! Great song to kick off a road trip. Enjoy!

Kelly sings with such joy, effortless and powerful. This is one of her best performances and this song has become a Christmas Classic. Her smile at  0:17 is everything. 

Another great song from the Kings...

Would be amazing to see Ladyva live in a small venue.  


downtempo, soul, surf indie

Lana can mesmerize.

Just cool how he casually strolls out in Champion sweatshirt and belts out this song while adjusting his in-ear monitors. Dude is so talented, Alicia is loving it and sort of giggles in awe of him. Would love to see more down to earth artists like this focused on just making music versus the brand and social.

Lizzo brought it live. From spinning real estate signs to Gammmys. Never give up!

waiting for the rainy season with this vibe spinning

Lonely Island strikes again. Hard to top previous releases but a nice effort. "Two words about furniture, killing machines".

Discovered this one on the legendary XRT in Chicago. Just a great track for cruising the Lake Michigan shore.
This is the breakout crossover hit of the summer. We don't know if Lorde will have staying power but this song will make a run on the charts.

Something new from M. Ward from A Wasteland Companion with backing vocals by Zooey Deschanel.
Straight out of Seattle, we bring you Macklemore. Young, passionate and talented, Macklemore gives the world of music and hip hop a freshening up. Baseball and hip hop...who knew