Friday just got a WHOLE lot funkier. Enter: Marva Whitney, one of the baddest divas around. Let's take a few moments to listen, shake and pay our respects to a seriously rockin' female. Enjoy your Friday!

How about a little hint of soul on this fine Friday? Have a listen to this undeniably catch tune from Maverick Sabre. Enjoy!
Mayer is rockin't the Motown sound with 'The Walk' fresh out of the Motor City. Aside from a little profanity this could have been played on the radio in the '60s.
You’ve got to love this guy. Mayer Hawthorne grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and was heavily influenced by the soul of the Motor City. His debut album is packed with retro sounding gems that Berry Gordy would be proud of. He does it ‘cause he loves it and we expect Mayer to garner a lot of attention in the coming year.

Visit Stones Throw for more about Mayer and upcoming show dates.
The Beatles version of Rock Band is likely to break lots of records this quarter in a perfect storm of hype and holiday sales. Not to be missed, however, is the release of a catalog of remastered Beatles albums.

This is an audio engineers dream. First off, the original Beatles recordings are works of art not only for the timeless songwriting and performances but also the genius of George Martin and Geoff Emerick who captured it all. It was a perfect storm of talent and production techniques that make the entire catalog timeless.

Today, after 22 years, all of the Beatles remastered studio albums will be released featuring the same track listings and artwork as originally released in the U.K. plus new liner notes and photos for the CD booklets. Both stereo and mono versions will be available.

I still have a crate of Beatles vinyl although I rarely pull any of it out as it’s just not convenient. Rubber Soul and Revolver are two of my favorites and I would not hesitate to grab the remastered versions of these albums.

When Geoff Emerick decided to run John’s voice through a rotating Leslie speaker for the ultra psychedelic sound of “Tomorrow Never Knows”, rock music was forever changed for the better and that early experimentation led the way for many of today’s bands in all genres of music.

Whether it’s vinyl, cassette, CD or AM radio, the Beatles are always a sonic treat. However, some recordings will benefit from the remastering more than others. Our recommended list includes: Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album, Hard Day’s Night and Beatles for Sale. Of course, if you got the bucks pick them all up.
We wanted to hear Brie Larson and Emily Haines sing this together so we did a little remix.
The latest from Metric gets better with each listen. Looking forward to the new release on June 12th.
Grand Rapids is in the house. When you have enough microbrews and alternative music you've got a scene of sorts. Feels like a KROC track.

Rejoice, people, for today is Friday! Let's get it kicked off with a brand new song from Nashville's energetic Mikky Ekko. This singer/songwriter is known for his engaging and lifting stage presence. I think we'll say we know him for this epic song as we slide into another great weekend!


We like this sound with Miley. More of this please.  

Mindy Smith has the kind of voice that makes you melt anytime of season. My Holiday is what you might call "Angelic Americana" that's one part Alison Krauss and one part Cowboy Junkies.

We actually have added tracks from this CD to mixes we listen to year round. If you're looking for something fresh this Christmas, My Holiday from Mindy Smith is a good choice.

If you're working on the ultimate Christmas mix consider "Santa Will Find You" or "Follow the Sheppard Home" for your mix. My Holiday
you're welcome. yeah we know it's Thursday, but we can't believe we just discovered this artist.

Oh, Canada! What joy you bring us in the form of music. Namely, Mother Mother; the lovable, attractive powerhouse of indie-pop. Here we have "O My Heart" off of their 2nd album released back in 2008, and still just as great as the day it came out. You can find Mother Mother on tour now & might I be so bold as to tell you it'd be worthwhile to take a trip to itunes to purchase a few of their songs. Your ears will thank me later. Enjoy!

MØ has captivated us since "Lean On" with Major Lazer and DJ Snake and she continues to bring it with originals and covers like this one of Babylon Zoo's Spaceman.

Love both the slow and remix versions of this track. Hipnotic.

Music for Animals is instantly accessible indie pop. Cool without trying to hard.

Listen to MFA tunes on MySpace. Caution you might get hooked.

Just a cool jam. The wowooahwoahwoah...wo,wo woah...hooked us...
We’re finally getting some decent rain in California. However, this cycle of storms has been relatively mild compared to previous rainy seasons. In 2002 a particularly strong system brought high winds, a powerful downpour and something rarely heard in Silicon Valley, thunder.

We happened to be recording when the worst of the storm hit. The sound of the wind blowing, chimes struggling to hang onto trees, dogs and sirens in the distant…etc., was too captivating to resist. We carefully positioned two high quality, large diaphragm condenser microphones to capture this sonic goodness in all its glory. What's really crazy is at times the storm is strong you can hear the doors to sheds in the distance slamming shut and it starts to sound like a boat in a storm.  The recording has both quiet and loud passages and runs the full gamut of what you'll experience in a powerful northern California rain storm.

The result is something special. Our recording of this northern California rain storm has all the elements you would expect from a storm of this magnitude. It’s 74 + minutes that really capture the full gamut of sounds experienced during a monster storm in the heart of the rainy season. The sound of the wind and rain when played on a good quality system eerily has the effect of  cooling down a room due to the pristine recording.  It's really cool.

This is a great CD to put on when you want to recreate the energy of a large rainstorm as the perfect background for reading and tea or to simply fall asleep. We know you’ll love it.

You can download the entire 74 minute high quality MP3 of the storm in our download section.   Enjoy!

Visit The Farmers’ Almanac for more information about rain storms.
This recording captures a powerful northern California rainstorm. This professional recording was made in stereo with quality condenser microphones. When you listen to this storm you can feel the chill of the wind as it whips through the home. Outside the sound of wind chimes come and go and and the rain is making sounds on the rooftop, concrete and the adjacent windows. In the distance you will hear the occasional emergency vehicle siren and even distant thunder which is very rare in California. This is one long continuous recording, 74 minutes long. Great natural ASMR to help you sleep or study. Please enjoy!

We love the acoustic version even better.