this just gets better every time we watch it.  One of our all time favorites from these guys.

She's Pulp Fiction ready. Will she change her name to Olivia White? Jack and Olivia will no doubt make more cool tracks.
A track worth keeping on your MP3 player forever. Nice when this one pops up on random and you haven't heard it in a few years. Great stuff from the early '90s

Happy Friday! You ready for it? It's a weekend to celebrate something extra special: Mom! Here's an oldie but goodie from Paul Simon, capturing what every Friday afternoon should feel like - light, airy, upbeat and positive! You think Vampire Weekend was influenced by Paul maybe just a little bit? Enjoy!
There's a video going around of Pearl Jam covering "Let It Go". So in an attemp to completely erase any notion of that ever happening we needed to watch this. Awesome live stuff. We miss you 90's grunge.
For the holidays...

A solid new release from Peter, Bjorn And John with several solid tracks. Very catchy stuff compared to the last album. If you're into the alternative pop thing it's worth getting. Sure, we'd give it three thumbs up on a severed hand. Listen now.

Yowza! You know the 'repeat' button? Yeah, and do you know the "back" button on your itunes, sansa player, ipod, etc? Yeah. Those two buttons are being pushed over and over again with this song as the cause. Repeat button, meet Phantogram. A smokin' hot duo from New York who are here to get you moving on this perfect Friday. Enjoy! Support the band here.

Postmodern Jukebox is one of the greatest things on the Internet. We love all of their covers and they bring exceptional production value to these live performances. Thank you for bringing your creativity and joy to the world.
Rad Beats always bringing the mad audio visualizer
Relaxed, easy, lazy Sunday jam

Did I make money? Was I proud? Did I play my songs too loud? Did I leave my life to chance or did I make you f*#&#ing dance?  We have a feeling that Robert will make some people dance with this one.

It's been a tough year in so many ways. This tribute to Neil Pert and some of the DJs that helped break the band made us smile. So many great songs. Add this to your FU Covid playlist.
Santagold's self titled release is easily one of the must have albums of 2008. The 80s influence pays homage to Missing Persons, Josie Cotton, Musical Youth, The Police and others. The world beats and funkified modern vibe had us thinking this was MIA after listening to "Creator". It's also the first new release we've listened to from start to finish while thoroughly enjoying every track. Thank you Santogold for giving us something fresh in the first half of 2008.

We feel like this song sums up how we feel about 2020. F-you and we'll get over you. This is also one of the best live recordings and performances. Sara is awesome as usual and the audio engineers dialed this sound in perfectly. And how good is that band? So great.

Just needed a shot of the 80s. Patty was everything. What was with the ridiculous freeze frames in this video? How was that ever a thing? It's like the editor was trying to capture the goofiest faces possible. We'll sing this chorus once we kick Covid's ass.

One of our favorite Seal songs. Like therapy during a long 2020.

Haley can sing anything. Amazing how well simple,well written songs translate to any musical style.