A great live mix of Shakira live in Paris from her new BD/DVD release.
the bombs away with the blue hair is somehow the best part of this song

Off the new release from Shiny Toy Guns.  This is a cool little track that instantly grabs you with the 808 clap and mesmorising keyboard lick and vocals.  A great addtion to your Fall roadtrip music.

Support the band here.

One of the best voices in music today. Haunting and pop at the same time. Just in time for your pop Halloween mix.

The 4th made us think of this anthem. We never get tired of Skylar's voice.
Angelic Skylar. Thank you.
The slotRadio Motown card is the latest addition to SanDisk’s lineup of slotRadio cards. The pre-loaded cards are for people that are too busy to be bothered with downloading or for folks that simply want to jumpstart their music collection without having to rip their CDs or download everything.

Funkyfresh has been working with SanDisk on the slotRadio project so we’re able to offer an insider’s look at the cards themselves. Yes, we’re biased, but you know we always keep it real here at funkyfresh. These cards offer incredible convenience and value to anyone, tech savvy or not.

If you love Motown and you own a Sansa slotRadio, Fuze or Clip+ player you owe it to yourself to check out this card. It truly is a definitive collection of Motown music. And having worked on the slotRadio Motown card we can tell you it contains a nice bonus collection of music in addition to the 500 tracks advertised for only $29. That’s an incredible deal

We have a lot of Motown vinyl here at funkyfresh. Now instead of digitizing all of it and making playlists it’s already done. So we did have a selfish motivation for working on this project. This is a timeless collection of classics that truly contains every Motown hit from all of the great Motown artists.

Visit SanDisk for more information and to hear samples from the Motown card and the entire slotRadio lineup.

Well done Pete, well done. Great production value too.

What will be the song of the summer? Who cares really. Anything that becomes an anthem for the summer usually has very little staying power. It seems everyone has a list of sorts for “summer hits” but our favorites are missing so it’s time to chime in.

First what other's are picking. Katy Perry “California Gurls” – it’s got Snoop, monster hooks, Katy in a video and is clearly this summer’s front runner. The problem is staying power. The song is so damn catchy it may burn out even faster than it explodes if that makes any sense at all.

Eminen “Not Afraid” - Who debuts at number 1 on the charts without even trying? The boy from eight mile, that’s who. Love him or hate him Eminem has incredible talent that seems yet to be fully tapped. This will be in the running and show up in college sports highlight reels for the next year.

We don’t have the patience to comment on the rest of the tracks from Usher, Drake, Lady Gaga (was the blood bath routine in the UK really necessary?), B.o.B., LCD Sound System, 3OH!3 and others so let’s get to the funkyfresh pick for summer anthem.

M.I.A. “XXXO” . Say what you want about the polarizing Born Free video, XXXO makes everything feel like it’s back in its right place. “Tweet’n Me Like Tweety Bird on Your iPhone” is surely the line of the summer. So there you have it. We’re expecting great things from this album even if M.I.A. may have cashed in some of her chips be marrying a record label executive’s son. We don’t card. The urban production with a little sugar on top, street cred and the funky UK accent make her hard to resist.

If you have the holiday blues this will cure what ails you. Who knows, maybe one of those kids asking for a guitar this Christmas will...nah forget it. There will never be another Stevie.

Seaside or fireside it works either way.
Takeover UK’s “Ah La La” is instant fun for your summertime mix. However, if that’s the only track you pick up you’re missing out on a pretty good Brit Pop album from the lads from Pittsburgh.

Instantly hummable from front to back, Takeover UK has Indie mojo with big time potential. Hard to root for anything coming out of Pittsburgh right now with the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals but these guys deserve a listen.

Check out Running with the Wasters and have a listen to the entire album.

nice mix, good vibe.

Just a vibe. This song could be 20mins long and we'd just keep listening.
“88 keys on the piano....88 constellations in the sky....the infinity sign....the most auspicious number in China....88 mph to get Back To The Future...88 cities in Los Angeles...a great French Kicks song. Welcome to the world of The 88.” That’s how the band sums up the number and somehow it strangely helps identify their music.

The 88s are that rare sonic treat you can enjoy guilt free. Their latest release “Not Only…But Also” is straight power pop but the songwriting, performance and especially the vocals take it to another place most recordings aspire to, authentic good fun minus the extra cheese.

Visit The 88 web site to check’em out.

An instant classic for the 2013 graduating class.  They will still put this song on 20 years from now.