It's the Best of Leon Russell what more do you need to know? Pick it up now.
A timeless track. You're welcome.

We didn't want to wait till Friday.  So here's a super chill track by the Cave Singers live from Pickathon.  Great campfire drum set.
prefer this version now. And look who can sing.

At first we thought this was Johnny Depp's Spinal Tap attempt.  Then we realized they were for real and damn good.

Happy Friday! We hope you have an incredible weekend. Here's to a good start with The Ettes, a rockin' Nashville trio. Enjoy!

Great stuff from The Helio Sequence of their new release. The entire album is definitely worth a listen. Support the band here.

Another classic Americana release from The Jayhawks.

They're just getting started...
The National is always worth a listen. We also like the recording of this track, expecially the drums. Nicely done.

My fascination with phase started when I heard Itchycoo Park by the Small Faces for the first time. I played it over and over until the 45 could take no more. About a minute into the song during the bridge the lyrics invite the wooshing effect created by two identical sources just milliseconds apart.

"I feel inclined to blow my mind,Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun...They all come out to groove about, Be nice and have fun in the sun" at the end of the song the phase continues. I defy you to find a more groovy 60s track. Of course Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles is the greatest psychedelic track of all time with an opening verse more seductive than any drug, "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream." But Itchycoo park would have been the theme song to Ferris Bueler's Day Off if that movie had been made about twenty years earlier

This one has a little bit of that alternative 80s influence.  Nice that The Strokes are just doing their thing and not emulating some other trending style.

The latest from The Temper Trap.

This is one of our favorite tracks off the new release from The Ting Tings which is a bit inconsistent but still worth a listen for several solid tunes.

Need your classic rock fix? How about if Zeppelin, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age got together and made a record? Them Crooked Vultures is close to what you would expect.  The recording has a big room bleeding sound.  It's gritty enough, loud and dynamic.  This is one worth grabbing. The track, “Bandoliers” is the ultimate amalgamation of this supergroup’s influences.  Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones playing together alone makes it worth it.  Enjoy!

New stuff. They always knew how to write a catchy track...going back to the late '90s
Really nice.