Happy Friday! Get movin' with Beyonce this weekend. Who runs this m*$%#)*()*!....Enjoy!

Things are about to get real funky up in here! World, get ready to get moving! Meet Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears, an Austin based blues band with a real get-up-and-get-dancing kind of vibe. Follow the band and listen to more here.

Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this full length concert by Blackberry Smoke.  These guys sound great live and this is a really well mixed show.

Blackberry Smoke brings the ACDC influence to southern rock with 'Shakin' off its August 14th release 'Whippoorwill'.

A good summer driving with the top down track.

This guy made watching paint dry fun.  A true class act immortalized in this new PBS Digital Studios remix.
All you need for the new year

Normally we unleash new sonic goodness on Fridays.  But Bon Iver has more of a Sunday night vibe. So, we're doing fresh cut Sunday. It's highly possible that you've heard about Bon Iver or read about him across many music sites and blogs as the countdown to his latest album released June 21st was highly anticipated by music lovers all over the internet. An artist with a unique lyrical writing style and a mellower sound, Bon Iver delivers just as much goodness in his new album as in his previous work. Here's his new video. Enjoy!

Kick off your weekend with this sexy, soulful and undoubtedly feel-good track from Booker T. Jones off of his fresh new release, 'The Road From Memphis.' On this track you may recognize the vocals from My Morning Jacket's Jim James.   You're welcome.
So easy and great playing on the axe.

We're glad Cage The Elephant rereleased some its tracks and made another go. They're making a much bigger splash in 2011. Good alt Rock from Kentucky. Listen to it now.

Like Gwen Stafai meets the Cocteau Twins and Flock of Seagulls. Mezmerizing, fun sonic candy. Looking forward to hearing more of their stuff

Hey hey! Let's roll out the weekend with Cee Lo's "Fool For You" from his recently released album, The Lady Killer. Proving, yet again, that Cee Lo's talents cannot be confined to one style, he flexes his funk & shows off his retro-soul. Enjoy!

Charles Bradley is taking us into the weekend with a big, heaping, gooey serving of SOUL!  If you haven't introduced your ears to this man yet, here you go. Let us warn you: this is extremely habit forming.  That's why we like him.  Enjoy!
Nice production on this track and nice sense of space to the music. We imagine he'll be playing many packed venues in the coming years.
The choras is the hook that's hard to resist.