Happy Friday! Here are three things we are certain of:
1. The weekend is here and it is ALL yours.
2. You have everything you need to have an incredible day.
3. This Cold Cave track is good for your health. Listen now and reap the benefits.

Happy Friday! Say hello to the Cold War Kids, a Long Beach Band with a fierce following. Adept in songwriting, the Cold War Kids released their 3rd album "Mine is Yours" earlier this year. The album is bursting with gems like this song here. Enjoy the build!
Released a while ago but never really go much play. Good track to bring you out of a Covid funk.

Great track, great performance, so we remixed it to bring it back to life and provide better synch from the live feed. Enjoy!

The Crystal Fighters bring just enough of the 80s influence to this track with voices that remind us of Bananarama, less poppy, more alternative...

Happy Friday! Who wants a serving of delicious neo-soul? Coming at you is Daniel Merriweather's "Impossible" off his 2009 release, Love & War, which reached #2 in the UK Album Charts. Enjoy!

We could use more of this in the world, especially now. We once watched a group of 300 students sing this while they jumped up and down and it was inspiring.


So prime for a Chrysler commercial on Superbowl Sunday...

Somethng fresh from Dispatch off the band's new release.  A great jam to enjoy this Labor Day weekend.  Party Safe!

Support the band here.

Drake has been called the second coming of Kanye West and that's easy to understand with the sound of this record.  He apparently has better vocal chops than Kanye and can belt out a tune.  "Best I Ever Had" is absolutely perfect for an episode of Entourage.  Would work well for when Eric and Sloan ultimately part ways for good or get back together. We've all been there.  Pick up this track.  There's still plenty of summer left to enjoy it.
At South By Southwest in Texas a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a few bands and artists I'm looking forward to hearing more from. The Whip out of Manchester UK was really good live. In fact, the bands current studio recordings almost do them a disservice as they simply don't capture the live feel of this band.

Another artist I would have liked to have seen live but missed is Duffy. She's newcomer from Wales that is currently busting up the UP charts with the mowtown injected hit, Mercy.

Released this month in the US Duffy's CD, Rockferry, sounds like something that could have been produced in Detroit in the 60s. 1 part Dusty Springfield, 1 part The Ronnettes and 1 part Amy Winehouse, pre rehab.

The CD has a few good tracks that showcase Duffy's vocals but at times feels contrived and almost too derivative of mowtown riffs such as "My Girl" and others.

At any rate, Duffy has a little spark that will put her on the musical map in 2008.

Earth, Wind & Fire was at the height of their musical powers during this recording. They're even better live. We found this reel to reel in our archives and fired up the Otari for you. If any music can help you through the ups and downs of a pandemic, the inspiring soul of Earth, Wind & Fire can. There is no better band in the universe. Enjoy this hour long mix of some of their greatest hits and spread some love. Featuring: Kalimba Tree Let Your Feelings Show In the Stone Fantasy Sing a Song Reasons Shining Star Look to the Sky Gratitude That's the Way of the World I've Had Enough Let's Groove

Another monster hit from Em, just released and about to blow up and cross over. The Eminem/Rihanna combo proves to be a potent formula once again.

Happy Friday! We've got a challenge for you. Push play on this song and try not to be an immediate fan of Emma's sweet voice and catchy hooks. Enjoy!

Get yourself some more Emma here

From the new album.
They made a splash at SXSW this year and may be popping up on your ALT radar.

Works anytime of year.