Helo Water Undershorts Review

If you’re into water sports and looking for something to wear under your board shorts check out the under garments from Helo. Helo makes a light, comfortable, quick drying undershort that works great under board shorts or any kind of athletic shorts. We liked them in the water but also for running and basketball. The design is less restrictive than other compression style shorts we’ve used.

You can go for a workout and then run errands or whatever without feeling uncomfortable. The material dries quickly so you don’t have that chaffing you might get from, say, boxer shorts or any material that stays damp. There are mesh inserts in all the right places to keep the hot zones cool.

The founder of Helo, Jake Howison, is from Michigan and an avid wakeboarder. He simply designed something he thought would work well under board shorts. His design is unique in that it uses nearly 80% recycled material for the body of the shorts that comes from PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles. His shorts are also made in the USA and are competitively priced under $30. The best way to buy them is direct as Jake is just beginning to roll these out to retailers.

UPDATE:  We recently spent a week in Maui and pretty much wore the Helo shorts the entire time both in and out of the water.  No complaints and they seem to be holding up pretty well.  

Visit Helo Clothes for more information.