The Electric Sixer sunglasses are awesome. They’re everything we want in a pair of sunglasses including lightweight, good looking, polarized, comfortable. You can dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down. Italian style in a super functional design for $200 that includes a lifetime frame warranty.

Having a large melon makes it hard to find quality sunglasses that look good. The Electric Sixer features melanin infused polycarbonate lenses that are supposed to make them more comfortable and less fatiguing to wear. So does it actually work? We give it a resounding yes! We put these bad boys on and immediately fell in love. It’s like therapy for the eyes. The world just looks better and we can enjoy the winter sun low in the sky. Can’t wait for summer and hitting the lake.

We’ve used all the top brands of sunglasses over the years and c’mon what else can you say? Do they look good and do they do the job? The Electric Sixer delivers. We just lost a pair of sunglasses we had for about 3 years. We were really sad to see them go and were having a really hard time finding something to replace them. The Electric Six is our new benchmark in sunglasses for quality design, function and style. So yeah, we kind of like them

Specific model we tested is the Electric Sixer Tortoise Shell, Melanin Bronze Polorized Level II, 98% blue light protection, 5 Barrel Hinge, California design, made in Italy

Check 'em out, get the specs and see other cool Electric designs here.