The Tony Franklin collection is especially inspiring because Tony plays fretless bass. This opens up a whole new range of sounds and playing techniques. The loops include dirty, grungy grooves, simple funky lines and atmospheric fretless playing that is equally at home in jazz or chill style music. It's definitely one of the more useful collections we've come across in a long time. We could spend hours with this set of samples alone creating interesting and complex textures for a wide variety of music.

Dr Fink's Funk Factory is a decent collection too but we feel the title is a tad misleading. First of all, it's really not that funky. It's more 80's synth pop. When we see 'funk factory' in the title, this collection is not what comes to mind. The drum loops are useful 4/4 fare but nothing out of the ordinary and rarely inspiring. They're good for straight simple pop and euro techno style music but certainly not funky. The keyboard collection is much better. In fact, if this 2-disc set contained nothing but keys it would be stronger. Dr. Fink does deliver some funky keyboard riffs but we'd change the name to Dr. Fink's Keyboard Lab or something that more closely reflects what's actually on these discs.

In this battle of the loops Tony Franklin is the clear winner. Not Just Another Pretty Bass Player is funkier than Matt Fink's Funk Factory and we simply find it more versatile and musical. We also think if you're going to drop some change for a loop library why not do it on an instrument you're not likely to master anytime soon like the fretless bass.

Keep if funky -- Rick Spence

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