The HVX200 camera we used with the new 64GB P2 cards needed to be upgraded in order to recognize the card. Previously this camera had been used with Firestore drives only so it needed the latest firmware. Panasonic charges $100 to do the upgrade but it’s easy to do yourself. We downloaded the firmware from the Panasonic website and completed the entire process in about 15 minutes. The actual loading and restarting of the HVX200 takes about 10 minutes. If you tackle this yourself, make sure you have a rock solid power supply. You don’t want a power failure during a firmware upgrade. If you have an original HVX200 it likely will need a firmware upgrade for both 32GB and 64GB cards.

The entire Panasonic lineup benefits from the 64GB P2 card. In lean times it’s a hard pill to swallow at $2500. However, anyone serious about the P2 format will benefit from this increased capacity. We expect the release of the 128GB cards to be the P2 tipping point in 2009 and we’ll see some hard drive based products simply go away.

Here are some other common settings and the length of time that one 64GB P2 card will yield:

1 hour, 4 min. (64 minutes) in DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100
1 hour, 20 min. (80 minutes) AVC-Intra 100 at 1080/24p native
2 hrs, 40 min. (160 minutes) in DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 at 720/24p native
2 hrs, 8 min. (128 minutes) in DVCPRO50 or AVC-Intra 50
5 hrs, 56 min. (356 minutes) in DVCPRO

Click here to go to the P2 support site and download P2 firmware updates and everything you need to keep your camera up to date.

Visit Panasonic for more information about P2 cards and non-linear workflow.