The Sony HDR-CX150 combined with the Sony SPK-CXA underwater sport pack makes a great little package for capturing underwater footage. We recently shot an underwater video for a Silicon Valley company demonstrating a technology product in a pool.

The camera and underwater pack worked great. The hardest part of capturing the footage was getting oxygen to our camera team.

Sony says the SPK-CXA underwater sport pack is good for depths up to 17 feet. We would have expected a round number such as 20 or 50 but 17 is plenty. Besides, just beyond a few feet under water and you have to start thinking about lighting anyway.

The HDR-CX150 works with SD cards and Sony’s memory stick though we imagine they will soon phase out the proprietary format. You can pick up the Camera, underwater housing and video ready SD card as a package for under $1k. It’s a nice setup for all you Jacques Cousteau wannabees.

Visit Sony for more information.