The Quadra line of Lacie external hard drives are built like tanks. The aluminum case and heat sink makes for virtually silent operation. These drives are ready with both PC and Mac friendly interfaces including USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and 800, as well as eSATA.

The variety of interfaces makes it a good choice for video production where you may encounter, say, Firewire 800 on a Mac in the field but go back to the studio and edit on a PC with everything but Firewire 800. We’re looking forward to testing USB 3.0 but it’s still in the rollout stage.

The Quadra can be daisy-chained via FireWire and is bootable using Firewire and eSATA. Lacie has a “shortcut button” which can be used to trigger specific apps. We have no use for this as we already have a preferred backup solution but some users might like this.

Lacie makes good looking drives. In this case the good looks also help to keep the drive cool with the aluminum case and heat sink. It also doesn't hurt to have something attractive in the studio but our first priority is always performance and reliability.

We have a call into Lacie to confirm the OEM drives inside the Quadra lineup. We haven’t taken it apart, yet. Our guess is Samsung. But we’ll confirm. If that's the case we would expect it to last as we've had excellent results with Samsung drives the last few years.

If you’re in the market for an external drive that can perform like an internal drive when it needs to, check out the Quadra line. You will pay a premium for the all aluminum design and myriad interfaces but in a pro environment it’s certainly worth it.