Sometimes when you’re editing video you just need a little inspiration to create something new and a little different. Judicious use of video effects is one way to jumpstart your creativity.

NewBlue makes a wide variety of video effects plug-ins for popular video editing programs. Video Essentials IV is a bundle of several effects including Bleach Bypass, Day for Night, Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Luma Key, Magnifying Glass, Reflection, Skin Touch Up, Slide Show and Time Clock.

The names of the plug-ins are pretty self explanatory and have immediate obvious uses. Depending on your video editing platform and its built-in capabilities some of these plug-ins may not add anything new to your arsenal of effects but rather offer a “preset” to help you get started.

The Video Essentials IV effects showed up along with the rest of our effects after being installed with Vegas Pro. All of the effects include several presets to kick start the experimentation and a few simple controls to play with. Key frames can also be use to animate effects.  The effects couldn't be easier to use.

Vegas Pro now has the ability to use an effect on individual events on a single track in a timeline. This makes it easy to add an effect to as few or as many events as you like without having to duplicate media on multiple tracks.   This makes for a cleaner timeline.

Being able to quickly add reflections, fish eye, slide show and other useful effects is a real time saver and plain fun. Some of the effects offered in Video Essentials IV we’re already able to achieve with the tools that come bundled with Vegas Pro. However, the presets offer a new twist and starting point.  A subtle dose of the Skin Touch Up effect worked suprisingly well.  Reflection was one of our favorites while Day for Night and Luma Key can spice up a music video is quick order.   Again, great jumping off points with endless possibilities.

NewBlue continues to roll out reasonably priced effect packs and is steadily building a following of editors that appreciate the clean design and ease of use. The Video Essentials IV effects packs is reasonably priced at $100.

Stop by and download some effects to check out for yourself. You may find some inspiration for your next video editing project.

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