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Also, just a couple of years ago no one had heard of BeALL media. Now the company is garnering a lot of respect as a high value supplier of DVD-R media.

Ritek continues to receive endorsements from media suppliers and duplication houses as a highly compatible and affordable media. We've also had good luck with Ritek.

Mitsui audio CDs still seem to be high quality products and we love the silver printable CDs that look awesome when combined with a ink jet system like the ones offered by Primera Technology. They cost a little more but they're worth it. However, Taiyo Yuden still offers the best value for the money. Rock solid media at a good price.

The drives used to test media at funkyfresh include: Plextor, Yamaha, Goldstar, Pioneer, Toshiba, Liteon and Samsung. The software includes Prassi Primo DVD, Nero, Sony Vegas, DVD Architect and DVD Workshop.

Make sure you upgrade your firmware and run a clean system before making any decisions about the best media for you. On slower systems try burning from a disc image instead of direct to disc.


Where to buy. Media Suppliers we've used and our experience.

Our favorite. Good prices and fast shipping. They also will include samples of new media if you ask. No problems to report.

Media Supply
Good prices and fast shipping. However, not very helpful when media appears to be faulty. Had to jump through hoops to get an RMA number to send the stuff back. They weren't sensitive to time being wasted on a 50 pack of bad media. Sales people claim media from one supplier hasn't changed when clearly the dye was a different formulation. However, they did issue an RMA and replaced the bogus media. Up until this recent blip we had enjoyed working with this supplier.

We ordered 4x media but received 2x media. Company sent 2x media because it was out of 4x. Problem is, they didn't tell they us they were doing this. The good news is, they made it right by sending a package of 4x media when it arrived. Prices are fair. The company moved into a new facility recently and seems to be getting better.

Meritline is all about price. They took longer than usual to approve an online sale and actually deliver the product. But it arrived in good shape and they have a lot to choose from.

Quality, compatibility and affordability all come into play when selecting blank DVD and CD media. Here are the brands we currently like. Our recommendations change as the market changes. Keep an eye out for dye formulation changes and products that are OEM'd from other suppliers.

DVD Media Recommendations

Taiyo Yuden
Quality and consistency. Our burners rarely spit out a Taiyo Yuden disc. Taiyo is consistently recommended by hardware and media vendors. We have had good luck with these discs.

Verbatim does the best job of marketing its media. They recently released some cool discs that look like movie reels and vinyl records. We don't use a lot of Verbatim but have heard mostly good things. Again media suppliers often suggest Verbatim and claim a low rate of return.


A spinoff of electronics powerhouse Samsung, BeALL media is a current favorite at duplication house. We are awaiting a shipment of these and have heard lots of good things. BeAll claims to have the most compatible dye formulation around and says the discs will burn and play on the widest variety of equipment. We'll find out. Hardware suppliers we've talked to seem to agree. These are sold under both the Samsung and BeALL brand names.

Quality supplier that also OEMs discs to a wide number of name brands. It may say Maxell but it's probably made by Ritek. Apple Media' Pioneer Media' Same factory baby.

CD Media Recommendations

Taiyo Yuden
Rock solid affordable media we have yet to have a problem with. Printable surface is not as nice as the Mitsui. Probably the best CD-R at the money. It's not the cheapest but you'll have a hard time finding a better value.

Mitsui Advanced Media
Although we are worried about the direction Mitsui might be taking in DVD discs we still find the audio discs to be rock solid. And the printable surface looks great.



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