This may be one of our shortest reviews ever. The proof is in the pictures. The GoPro is light and you can mount it just about anywhere to capture footage like this. What's not to like about the GoPro camera?

Well for starters, if you get hooked on this method of shooting you can quickly spend a lot of money on all the mounts and accessories. Shooting with this little sucker is addictive. Technique, luck and experience all play a part in what your final footage will look like.

The quality is pretty darn good. To think you can get this kind of quality out of such a small little box is amazing. However, we're looking forward to even better CCDs and codecs in the next batch of cameras that GoPro will eventually release.

For now X-Gamers and pretty much anyone that enjoys doing any kind of activity can have a blast experimenting with this camera. For professionals it's becoming a requirement on everything from sports to home improvement shoots. Two or more cameras, 32MB SD cards, all the mounts and accessories make for more interesting and creative shoots for any kind of content.

Visit GoPro for more information and all the specs on the camera.