IK is killin' it with this app. With DJ Rig we can literally DJ a gig with one iPad, a power supply and the JBLs. Yes, you can rock the party out of the back of a Prius if you have to. We're pretty sure it's happening somewhere right now at SXSW.

Savvy DJs will quickly feel at home with DJ Rig with the ability to toggle through screens and settings quickly. Effects and loops are easy to engage and tweak in real time. The included effects are quite good.  Combine it all with several banks of samples and virtual pads to trigger and you've got everything you need to make great mixes and perform live.

Plus, if you have enough flash memory in your iOS device you can record your performances in real time. Super easy. Super fun.

The UI is very nicely done. It's intuitive and looks good. The textures and shading are nice. The turntable strobe is nice touch. It all makes for a very good experience, especially on a larger device like the iPad.  Smaller devices don't really do this software justice.

Probably our only complaint is after we got comfortable toggling between the various screens we wanted even faster access and more screens available simultaneously. Yes, it's addicting that way.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information.

Or better yet just head over to the app store and grab it so you can check it out for yourself.