Zacuto Scorpion Rig Review

We were impressed with the Zacuto scorpion right out of the box. It’s incredibly well made and designed for professional use. Assembly is easy and intuitive. The entire rig can be easily popped on and off sticks in the field in just seconds. Perfect for dynamic shooting situations and run and gun reality TV. Danny, pictured here, says simply, “combined with the Z-Finder EVF Pro I can shoot all day with this”.

The Scorpion is a game changer for anyone using smaller form factor video camera and professional DSLRs. Anyone using cameras such as the Panasonic HPX250 or AF100, Sony EX3, Canon C300 and 5D Mark III will absolutely love this rig.

We played with the rig using the HPX250. We were able to make jib lke moves with this elegant rig. Really cool moves that just would not be possible in tight quarters are now made easy. All of a sudden limited budget shoots look bigger with better production value because of the addition of the Scorpion to the day's shoot.

We saw a lot of activity at the Zacuto booth at NAB this year and with good reason. This is another great product from Zacuto that is simply expertly designed. You’ll get every bit of your $2k worth out of this rig. Yeah, we're pretty excited about this gear and we'll share more from the field. If you see some really cool moves on the next Restaurant Impossble that's probably Danny using the Zacuto Scorpion.

Visit Zacuto for more information.



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