Adobe Audition 3 Review

Today Audition is feature packed with additional tools such as loop based track creation, multicore processor support, additional effects, MIDI, VST instrument support and more. It's grown up but has maintained its friendly GUI, attractive price and doesn't require any special hardware. Although with a professional sound card will yeild outstanding results.

Adobe Audition 3 takes a bit of time to install if you choose to load the loop libraries but it's relatively pain free and doesn't require any annoying steps such as iLok registration.

When we first launched the program it took about 15 seconds and didn't recognize the Lynx Two audio card in our HP test workstation. We've never had any problems configuring this card with other NLEs so we found this surprising. We double checked all the settings and restarted Audition a couple of times. We still don't know what caused the problem but it went away on its own.

We recorded multitrack sessions and experimented with the myriad effects that come bundled with Audition 3. In short order you can create sophisticated mixes and you can do it in a variety of ways. Audition 3 does not force you to work in any particular way. You can follow an old school tape paradigm and 'bounce' tracks if that's how you like to work. You can create copies of a track and edit them discretely and dump copies back onto the multitrack. If you prefer the mixing board centric approach, you can patch effects in and out and route signals in a variety of ways.

Audition is great for laying down a few tracks and putting a quick demo together. However, for real time mixing and application of CPU intensive effects it can quickly bog down. It helps if you have a dedicated DSP card such as the UAD-1 from Universal Audio installed in the NLE system.

We prefer to use Audition 3 in two track edit mode. The noise reduction tool in particular works very well to remove background noise. We were really impressed that this tool removed noise with minimal artifacts on par with offerings from Sony Creative Software and Waves. The fact that it's included with Audition 3 is very compelling.

One of the reasons Audition has gained a loyal following is it's easy to use and subscribes to standard window conventions. The original author of Cool Edit Pro, David Johntson, was a big fan of the right mouse click. Sounds like a simple thing but we're always surprised more software developers to take advantage of it.

Adobe keeps the right mouse click alive in Audition 3. Click on a track with content or an empty track and you are presented with a plethora of options. You can accomplish quite a bit just by firing up the program and right mouse clicking on anything and everything.

While powerful and attractive Audition 3 can at times feel bloated. Screen redraws seemed a bit pokey and this is on a dual Xeon system with Quadro 4500 card installed, maxed out memory and 10K rpm hard drives.

Audition 3 does a lot of things well at a reasonable price. For podcasters, voice over artists, budding musicians and anyone else in need of simple yet powerful audio suite Audition 3 delivers good value.

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