Most people will probably buy DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus for an easy way to make DVDs and Blu-Ray discs from a pile of DV tapes sitting in a box. The task gets more and more daunting the longer the tapes sit and a product like DVD MF6 Plus can help ease the pain of transferring video to DVD and Blu-Ray because it essentially walks you through the process. It will also help those folks with video memories on DVDs consolidate the "best-of" on to single discs. Again, the menu structure is in plain English and it appears the software team has thought about the most common tasks its customers will likely perform with DVD MF6 Plus and has made it uncomplicated to do so.

When the software is installed it creates 6 different "utilities" that the program encompasses. This may cause some confusion as to which option should be launched for which task. However, once you take the time to explore the different options and experiment with the work flow you quickly get the hang of it. There also is a "Launcher" option which essentially aggregates all the utilities into one master menu. For example, the master menu lists the following options" Video/Slideshow Disc, Audio Disc, Data Disc, Import/Capture, Edit/Append Disc, Copy Disc and Disc Tools where you can format, erase and close discs. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Ulead also includes icons to click on to get information on the drive selected for burning, the type of media in the drive and even a printing utility to design a label and print it to you disc after burning. Again, Ulead gets our praise friendly, thoughtful design.

Some extra perks in DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus include the ability to make password protected discs and to burn DVD Audio discs. Password protected discs are useful for sensitive information you might want to make backup copies of. DVD Audio never really did much as a format in the marketplace but those folks who have it love it. For example, if you own a car like an Acura TL and you want to make your own DVD audio discs you can do it with DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus. Each DVD can contain about 6 CDs worth of audio. If you have 6 Disc changer in your automobile and it plays both CD and DVD Audio discs you could actually store about 36 CDs worth of audio (6 CDs per DVD Audio Disc). So what' Well that's a lot of uncompressed music versus playing a compressed library of music from your MP3 player.

DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus includes pretty much everything you need for burning discs in all formats. It does have the "Movie Factory" element to it but in general we view it more an all around burning utility versus a Movie Factory. Whatever the title, this program provides a lot of value, is easy to use and very affordable. DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus earns our stamp as a funkyfresh essential element.

Visit Ulead (now a part of the Corel family) for more information.