The Genelec 8030C 5” active monitors are a very good choice for transparent and accurate monitors for post production. Our mixes are translating to all playback devices as intended and these Genelecs have become trusted, honest friends during mixdown.

The 8030C 5” active monitor is an extremely well built unit that features 5” inch woofer and 3/4” tweeter both powered by 50-watt amplifiers. These are compact and very powerful monitors that can produce high output levels in control rooms of nearly any size when necessary. 

We adjusted the dip switches on the back to account for the speakers being near a wall and slightly elevated. This was critical to achieving the accurate sound we were after. Prior to adjusting the dip switches the sound was really heavy and muddy in the lower frequencies. Once dialed in the sound was natural and transpsarent.  We can edit all day on the 8030s as they bring the reality of what we captured in the field to the edit suite. 

These 8030c monitors are just really clean monitors that allow you to mix dialogue and music in a very confident way. These are great monitors for critical listening and doing audio forensics and cleaning up interviews. We'd like to see more input options in addition to the balanced XLR but imagine many are installed in permanent professional situations where the added cost isn't necessary.

The auto on/off feature is really great and this goes for any Genelec monitor.  Once it's setup you never have to worry about powering them on and off again.  They sense the audio signal and toggle on and off as needed.  We cam to really love this feature over time and never have to reach around the back to turn them on and off.  

We also really like the tough, industrial approach to the design.  Both wooder and tweeter are protected by grills and the build is impeccable. It's an extremely well made and attractive designer.  The producer finish just instantly makes us feel at ease in the edit sweet.  

For many years we've been happily chugging along with our passive JBLs and trusted Hafler amps and we still prefer the heft and heat for music mixes. The Genelecs did take a little getting used to, like adjusting to any new monitor setup.  After extended use we can highly recommend them.  They just stay out of the way so you can dial in your mix with confidence.  When it comes to post production they've become a standard in many editing suites with good reason.  The Genelec 8030c monitors are a really good choice and translate well to any kind of playback system. They make a good partner for extended edit sessions and will keep you honest with your final mix.  

We tested them in a 10x10 edit suite adjacent to a 30” screen using IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 isolators. They are pretty much ideal in this setting. Just give them a clean signal from the board and the Genelec's have plenty of power to fill the space as needed.  We took the little feet off before putting them on the isolators. Yes, you can take them off.  We prefer to have them off the desk versus pointed up at our ears.  Just feels better to us that way. 

Visit the folks at Genelec for more info about the 8030c monitors. They also are very good at recommending specific monitors for your studio.  

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