Motorola Q Review

The BlackBerry phone provided the same great BlackBerry text service but the voice quality was just awful. For some reason, quality was very low and calls would drop quite often. The Treo wasn't much of an improvement and she still needed to take here BlackBerry everywhere she went. The form factor on the original BlackBerry is just about perfect for portable stealth communications. Start tossing in all the extra functionality and it becomes a bit of a mess. The same can be said for any number of the 'brick' like all-in-one PDA communication devices.

Enter the Motorola Q. Yes it's a rectangle but it's what world traveling facility managers like Sandy have been craving for a long time. It actually feels pretty good in the hand, offers all-in-one functionality and doesn't sacrifice voice quality. Sandy's co-workers and family tell here she has never sounded better. We agree. Yes, it's that noticeable.

Sandy has tried all the telecom provides in combination with just about every portable device. While nobody's perfect, she's pretty happy with the Verizon and Motorola Q combination. Of course it doesn't hurt that her IT guys are some of the best around. Anybody else catch the World Cup on their PDA?

Visit Motorola for more information and all the specs on the Q.