If you're looking for a new cell phone this summer and you want the best, check out our funky five.  It's hard to go wrong with any of these phones.

Depending on your carrier you won't have many options but if you were choosing solely on the functionality of the phone and user experience this is our ranking. Phones are pictured  1-5 From Left to Right.

1.  iPhone 3G - With AT&T's healthy subsidy how do you you compete with this? The Interface isn't for everyone however.

2. Nokia N95 - Aside from a goofy power button this brick does it all.  Looking more like a camera than a phone it's a true entertainer.

3. AT&T Tilt  - For those who like the tactile feedback of actual keys.

4. Samsung Instinct -  We never liked that stinkin Blackjack but this isn't bad.  Sprint customers rejoice.

5. LG Dare - Apple and Nokia are the kings of handheld UI but LG isn't half bad.  Can you hear me now?