The LG Voyager doesn't have the mass or solid feel of the iPhone. It feels lighter in the hand and that's okay. We just hope the durability is there. I have never owned a phone that I haven't dropped multiple times. That's why dedicated buttons give me a sense of security. It's only a matter of time before I break the touch screen and buttons make me less anxious.

One thing we have noticed on the latest generation of phones is that voice quality and good old cell phone conversations don't seem to be the focus anymore. It's a feature frenzy with HTML, messaging, music, navigation'etc leading the way. The first thing we did with the Voyager was place a couple of calls and check out the ergonomics of the phone. While quality was acceptable we still prefer some of our older flip style phones for basic calling features.

If you need one device to keep you connected in nearly every imaginable way the LG Voyager is certainly worth considering. However, if Apple releases an iPhone with real buttons in addition to its already impressive touch screen it's game over. For now, the Voyager is one of the only phones available where you can have your screen and you're QWERTY too and that makes it a worthy contender.

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