The Q still blows the BlackBerry away when it comes to just voice but throw everything the BlackBerry 8700g can do into the mix and the Q's better voice quality doesn't make up for it.

Sandy dropped the Verizon/Motorola Q combination and is now very happy with the T-Mobile/BlackBerry 8700g combination. This just goes to show you that once again a good mobile package is equal parts device and carrier. I know plenty of users that absolutely abhor their situation with T-Mobile. However, they're not using the 8700g.

The BlackBerry 8700g has an excellent color screen and good battery life. We've heard others complain about the keyboard but Sandy says it's just fine by her. She wished the 8700g had the 'I can't believe you're on a cell phone' quality of the Q but otherwise finds this little powerhouse hard to beat.

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