Laser Printer During Shelter in Place

HP 420 Laster printer

Laser printers are usually found in the office while inkjets are more common in the home.  However, with everyone at home these days it's nice to have a fast, networked laser printer for basic printing tasks.  We worked this HP 420 unit pretty hard and it's been great for everyday printing tasks.  It's fast, efficient with toner, quiet and a good value.  HP no longer offers this unit new but has plenty of similar offerings. 

The image, pretty much says it all.  Look for a printer that has these qualitites:
 - Wirelessis and wired LAN connectivity
- 350 Sheet input capacity or similar
- Auto 2-sided printing, you'll save on paper
- iOS and Android app friendly printing
- some kind of LCD display, so it can tell you what's up
- Fast startup and printing
- Toner from third pary suppliers.  This is important, read up on the printer and reviews of third party toner suppliers to make sure
there is nothing quirky about the printer you are considering
- budget $200-$300, you'll be able to get a decent machine