The picture is just about perfect. Unless you're a gamer the 20ms refresh rate is plenty fast for most tasks. More importantly the 1000:1 contrast ratio gives this monitor great depth. Text is crisp and images colors really come alive. We also like the warm blue color of the controls on the front panel. They're easy to adjust at night and the round shape makes them a little more ergonomic as well. The stand is fully adjustable with height, tilt and rotation making this unit even more versatile for a full page of text or the more common landscape mode.

The 940t is backed by a 3-year warranty covering parts, labor and the backlight. We actually purchased a Samsung monitor a few years back and needed to have the DVI input fixed during the warranty period. It took about 2 weeks and Samsung followed up with a phone call to see how everything went. It's a good formula. Crank out first class monitors and follow it up with quality service. That keeps customers coming back.

There are a plethora of LCD models to choose from. The Samsung 940t is a quality choice that stands up well against any 19-inch model in its class. With Samsung's record of building quality LCDs and its 3-year warranty it's a funkyfresh classic.

Keep it funky -- Rick Spence

Visit Samsung for more information on the 940t and other LCD monitors.