Lenovo didn't just buy the ThinkPad brand and gut the place. In fact, the staff and supply chain is still pretty much the same. About 10,000 of IBM's staff have transferred to Lenovo with offices in New York, Beijing and Raleigh, North Carolina. Lenovo owns the 'Think' brand for the next five years and with IBM's marketing expertise we are likely to see a lot more of the Lenovo brand in desktops too.

The IBM R51 is a solid entry-level notebook computer with an above average keyboard and the exceptional build quality consumers have come to expect from the ThinkPad line. With the ATI Radeon 7500 graphics and a little extra memory, 512 or higher, this is a very capable notebook that rings in just over $1000. The notebook is perfect for office apps, browsing, email and even watching DVDs. The sound quality is

The keyboard still has the travel and size of a quality IBM keyboard. The built in 'night-light' comes in handy when traveling. The 1.6 GHz Pentium M doesn't generate too much heat and when the fan kicks in it's barely audible. This is a big difference from some of the cheaper entry-level notebooks we've tested that sound like an airplane taking off when they get a little hot.

The ThinkPad brand commands a premium and IBM rarely wins when comparing machines on specifications alone. However, when it comes to fit and finish and ergonomics IBM is still in a class by itself.

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