The system hasn't changed much over the years and that's a good thing. Cambridge hasn't wasted any money on goofy designs and crazy colors. SoundWorks comes in basic beige or black. The total package weighs under 20 pounds. The Satellites are small and light and can be attached to a computer monitor with Velcro or hung on the wall.

Cambridge includes a 1-year warranty and we did everything we could to try and blow up our test unit. The party was shut down by the Los Gatos police before we managed to fry the systems. Pretty impressive for a couple of 33 watt systems.

The SoundWorks package sounds better than similar offerings from Bose, JBL and other brands in this price range of $70-$80. Like other Cambridge products, SoundWorks isn't flashy but offers a solid value in a PC speaker system.

Visit Cambridge SoundWorks for more information.