Our first impression with the keyboard sent to use for review was it felt cheap right out of the box. Not a great first impression for a keyboard that sells for $100 mail order. Maybe World Tech believes editors will only use this keyboard for editing and not writing. But the truth is many editors will be working at a workstation that is also used to access the web, Microsoft Office and other mainstream applications.

This keyboard can barely hold its own against your basic $20 keyboard from your local computer store down the street in terms of tactile feel and comfort when typing. I was very disappointed.

Now, on to the good stuff. If you can tolerate the sub-par feel of this keyboard and it's overall cheap design, it does work as advertised and can be of tremendous benefit while working on a non-linear system. The controls are mapped out in a fairly intuitive way and no special programming is necessary to get the program to recognize the keyboard. Since the keys are pre-mapped it pretty much works just fine right out of the box. The biggest challenge was getting used to using a single key after being conditioned to navigate menus with the mouse or use a combination of unlabeled QWERTY keys.

I really started to notice the time savings when making very small adjustments to audio and video media along the timeline. Being able to instantly mute and unmute tracks and toggle envelopes really made Vegas feel more like a hardware based system than a software package. And that's what this is all about. It's also nice to have a keyboard with keys that are already labeled with different colored keys. You could take the time to do this stick-on labels but it wouldn't look as good or last as long.

The World Tech keyboard for Vegas certainly works well but I'm disappointed World Tech isn't using a better quality keyboard for this product. I found myself switching to another keyboard when it came time to type anything longer than a few sentences because the World Tech keyboard just isn't finger friendly. If World Tech steps up and improves the feel of this keyboard I think the $100 price tag could more easily be justified.