Xobni Email Plug In

Plug ins, plug ins and more plug ins.  If you mess around with CMS systems such as Drupal and Joomla you quickly learn the power of add-on modules or plug ins that quickly add useful features without a lot of programming.

Plug-in madness is really going haywire.  Just check out the $1M a day Apple does in business for apps just for the iPhone.  Some of the most useful plug-ins are for mundane applications.  One example, is Xobni.

If you spend anytime in Microsoft Outlook, especially in a corporate setting, you know it quickly becomes a bit sluggish and not a whole lot of fun to use.  Not that email should be fun but since when do corporate apps have to be so...boring.  Xobni brings a little life back to the email world and it's actually quite useful.  Finding contacts, phone numbers, emails and followring threads is simply easier with Xobni.

We can write about it all day but the best thing to do is just check it out for yourself.  Xob it.