Clearly, Verbatim doesn’t want consumers using 1 PhotoSave DVD and miscellaneous bulk DVDs for their backup work. However, we think they should considerate it because we can see this scenario being very common, especially given the combination of increasing resolution of cameras, falling flash memory prices and 1TB hard drives approaching $100. Everyone is taking a lot of pictures and the file sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Not to mention the cost of storage is so cheap that picture pack rats are neglecting file deletion and file management in favor online backup services.

Any backup session that goes beyond a handful of DVDs starts to get cumbersome. Lock me in to using only your blank media and my experience goes instantly from easy and fun to frustrating. Now, Verbatim could spin this as a quality control issue. We’d prefer a simple disclaimer that recommends PhotoSave DVDs be used for the best experience but allow other brands of blank media when inventory runs dry.

Verbatim has a clever product here that may find a nice niche with consumers that want it simple and easy and don’t mind paying a little more for it. It loads and runs fast and other than the disc spanning issue mentioned above is worth considering for the less tech savvy. This would make a good stocking stuffer to go along with that new digital camera this Christmas but definitely spring for the 5-pack!

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