This review is easy to sum up. A flash drive with 64GB of space, 128 bit AES encryption and a dedicated backup button. Any questions? To put it in perspective, 64GB is enough capacity for about 45k photos or 30k MP3 files. It’s enough space to backup your really important stuff and would compliment an online backup solution nicely, which we highly recommend by they way.

It’s hard to get too excited about a USB flash drive but we must give props to the design team on this one. The design says tech without being sterile. The retractable USB plug lends itself to better durability and the overall color scheme is cool and modern. Plus the one button backup makes it dead simple to use. Simply choose what directories you want backed up and whenever this button is pressed you’re done. It could not be any easier.

The downside to having a 64GB drive with all your stuff on it is that drive becomes extremely valuable. If you lose it you could have a serious case of identity theft on your hands. SanDisk includes 128 bit AES encryption and password protection so be sure to use those features if you purchase this drive or anything else like it.

We like the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Flash drive. With street prices hovering around $200 it’s an excellent option for anyone that wants one device to backup all their really important stuff. This combined with an online backup strategy is an excellent two pronged approached to keeping your favorite pictures and other files safe.

Visit SanDisk for more information about USB flash drives and this 64GB monster.